Prayer is a Glue for Leadership

A Pastor at Heart, Stay Connected to Your People

Written by Kenneth Gosnell

Erwin McManus, in his book entitled Chasing Daylight says, “The most important moments rarely come at a convenient time. Sometimes you wish that God would check your calendar first. The ironic part is that our schedules get packed with mundane and ordinary, and we become irritated with God when He interrupts us with the miraculous and extraordinary.”

We often forget that God does the miraculous and extraordinary in our churches when we see people as important rather than as an interruption. Here are six simple ways to stay connected to your people in the midst of a busy schedule.

1. Send postcards and notes of appreciation.
I have found that sending a small note to a person to let them know that I appreciate something that they specifically did means a great deal to them. People have responded with kind words and I have often found these cards on people’s refrigerator when I would come to visit.

2. Pray for the specific needs of your congregation weekly.
One of the most important tasks that I can participate in for my church family is to take their requests, needs, and praises to God. Schedule a specific time each week to pray over the needs of your church family.

3. Create an e-mail file >>>MORE

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