Prayer Works?

While the studies referred to here —

I’m just writing this to let you know about a new featured post we just made over here at Blogging Health Careers entitled, “25 Intriguing Scientific Studies About Faith, Prayer and Healing.” I thought that both you and your readers at The Prayer Leader Blog might find it to be an interesting article. Please do let me know if you have any feedback —

…may sound like evidence that prayer works, look more closely. The research is not limited to prayers in the name of Jesus. So what difference does that make?

6 thoughts on “Prayer Works?”

  1. It might be illogical, but it does exist.
    Yes, there are always some things in life that cannot be explained by science, especially when it comes to spiritual healing through prayer and faith.

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  3. It never surprises me when scientific studies prove what we already know to be true. In fact, if their studies proved otherwise, I would have to question the study. If only scientists would open their eyes and see what God has so plainly laid before them, they would understand the truth and realize that the Bible and science can exist beautifully together – they are not opposed as some would think and try to make people believe. Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

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