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March 2010


Dear Friends,

Today, I would like to encourage you in the good work to which God has called you. I am seeing a great deal of excitement across our convention as many state conventions, associations, and churches are gaining momentum in sharing the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, I am personally witnessing many success stories. Recently, I spoke in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the Lakota Hills Baptist Church is personally taking the responsibility to visit 20,000 homes in the northern Cincinnati area. This church, which averages less than 300 in attendance, is taking on a God-sized task to share the Good News. I talked with my friend, Dr. Steve Davis, in Indiana about the fact that Indiana is excited about reaching that state for Christ. Recently they had GPS Rallies across the entire state, which were a tremendous success. The altars were filled with pastors and lay people who recommitted themselves to the gospel task. Just last night, I was in West Virginia for an Across West Virginia Rally to encourage people to be involved in sharing the good news across that great state. As I write this article, I am in route to Virginia for yet another associational rally to encourage people in soul-winning. These are truly exciting days and we are thankful to the Lord for the momentum which we are seeing and experiencing.

With all of these good reports that we are hearing from across the nation and Canada, we must not fail to pray for God’s continuing power. We must not fail to be careful about maintaining our focus. Even now, I know that many people are distracted by the GCR Task Force and its possible recommendations. While I believe the men and women on this council are of good intention, we must be careful not to let anything pull our focus off winning this continent for Christ. There are many good things that often pull us away from the greatest task. Please do not let this happen. That is not their intent and we must not let that happen.

May God bless you as you continue to serve our Lord in the calling and in the ministry He has given you! May God bless you richly!

In Christ,

Frank S. Page, Ph.D.
Vice President, Evangelization

Revised Resources for GPS “Praying” Milepost
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Taking Prayer to the Streets (TPTTS) will equip you and/or your church to pray for and share Jesus with people in your community. NEW “one hour” Power Point orientation can move your group quickly to “experience” prayer walking, and six additional sessions can be used for further Bible study.
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TPTTS Pocket Guide includes prayer walking and support prayer group guidance, along with biblical prayer prompts, to make this a valuable tool to take on your prayer walk.
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Praying your Friends to Christ (PYFTC) answers the question, “How do you pray for lost people?” The facilitator’s guide includes four sessions and a CD with a PowerPoint presentation for each session, and a printable listener’s guide for class members. NEW in this revision is “How to Share your Faith Naturally in Daily Life.”
Product Code 22.1593124864

PYFTC Triplet Brochure – Gather two friends and commit to pray for lost people; use the triplet brochure to write the names of your group members and lost people. It includes reasons to pray, specific prayer prompts, and ideas to help your triplet group succeed.
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The Case for Serving in Ministry for a Proper Approach to Evangelism

Dr. Richard Leach, Team Leader
Servant & Ministry Evangelism Team
Matching clothing is not always easy. Whether you are color blind or not, if you are a guy, you’ve probably asked yourself this question, “Does my green shirt go with these blue pants?” Sometimes deciding what goes together is easy. For instance, I would never think about eating spaghetti and meatballs while I’m wearing a white shirt. I think you’ve got the picture! Sometimes national advertising campaigns teach us that some things don’t go together while other things do. For instance, “Things go better with Coke” while you never drive a car without wearing a seatbelt. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “Click it or Ticket”?

In advertising, it is all about connecting. That leads me to a relationship question I am asked periodically, “What is the connection between ministry and serving?” To read the rest of this story, click here.

Need Help Relating to People of Other Religions? “Barriers and Bridges” Can Help!

Tal Davis, Interfaith Coordinator
People Group/Interfaith Evangelism Team

“You probably get asked this a lot: Where are you from, Maryam?” I asked, as she busily clipped away on my hair. I had noticed, though she spoke perfect English, she had an unusual accent.

“I do get asked that a lot. Where do think I am from?”

I thought for a moment, then said, “Are you from…Iran?”

“How did you ever guess?” Her eyes were wide with surprise. “Did someone tell you? No one ever gets it.”

“I just took a guess,” I answered. “I am aware that there is a considerable Iranian community in town.”

“You are the first to guess it,” she said.

“So, Maryam,” I queried, “being Iranian, I suppose are you a Muslim?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. How do you know so much?”

In nearly every community in North America there are growing numbers of people in diverse groups who we inevitably encounter in our day-to-day life (as I did at the barber shop).   For this reason, we Christians need to know about their religious beliefs and learn practical ways to develop relationships with them. This is the first step toward sharing the good news in appropriate ways.

Barriers and Bridges: Spanning the Spiritual Gulfs That Separate People from Good News of Jesus Christ is a new, easy-to-use booklet from the People Group/Interfaith Evangelism (PG/IE) Team designed to provide just that kind of helpful information. It will also make a handy tool for preparing teams for mission trips to many areas of North America.

This free resource, Barriers and Bridges: Spanning the Spiritual Gulfs That Separate People from Good News of Jesus Christ (Product Number 22.BARRIERS), can be ordered directly from the NAMB store website ( or by calling NAMB customer service 
(1 866 407-6262) to order free copies (maximum order 100) or visit 22.BARRIERS). Also visit the PG/IE Interfaith & Apologetics website at For larger orders contact Cathy Thero at

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