Q: “What is the most important thing you do as our Pastor?”


Q. What is the most important thing you do as our Pastor?

A. In thinking about my response to your question I was tempted to simply go to the duties listed in our Constitution, and offer the one that was on the top of list. Most Pastors have many responsibilities: hospital visitation, counseling, teaching, meetings and administration, organization and supervision. I spend much time in sermon preparation. But, having now served over 30 years in the pastorate,

I’m thinking that the most important thing I do as your Pastor is to pray. When I pray for the church, I place it back in God’s hands. Now, what else am I going to do each week that is more powerful than that? Sadly, I am ashamed to admit that most weeks I spend a whole lot more time doing everything else. Nevertheless, because of the deep personal sharing that takes place during our worship experience each Sunday, I am able to pray very specifically for many of you during the week. And what a specialprivilege that is. James tells us that prayers have “a powerful effect.” (James 5:16) So, please pray for me, as I promise to continue to pray for you.

See you in Church!

Pastor Rande Smith

Community Church of Rolling Meadows, IL

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