SOS on Prayerwalks

“One of my goals this summer is to get to know the neighbors. I am starting to prayer-walk my neighborhood. Any ideas on how to do this better would be appreciated. I sort of feel like a “toddler” when he walks, but I am putting forth the effort.”

Prayerwalking ideas:

1. Keep it simple: Walk and talk with the Lord!
2. Before you embark, ask the Holy Spirit to help you listen to his voice so he directs your prayers.
3. My friend Steve Hawthorne has produced a series of shirt-pocket-sized guides … they provide simple instruction tips, prayers are outward focused and come from scripture texts related to the theme of that guide. Easy to use and help the person praying go beyond “Lord, hep these people …”
4. Invite someone to prayerwlak with you so you can listen to how the Holy Spirit prompts them to pray.
5. Ask the Lord to give you divine opportunities to meet neighbors in natural settings. Ask their name and how you can pray for them when you walk through the neighborhood.

Let me know how this endeavor works out – Hope there is much to brag on God for!


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