3 Comments from the Recent Cityreaching Conference Call

Jeff Fray, Marriage Commission:  We have growing awareness of how much we have in common with other city reaching groups.  God loves to see his kids working together, so we want to shoulder up, listen and learn and be open to ways what we are doing is similar, ways to collaborate that are still to be uncovered.

Alan Doswald, Fresno: I went to two regional CIR s during the year, and it was about relationships.  It is very important.  It was because we had met people, so we feel like we’re part of the family, and when there is a reunion, you want to be there.

Dennis Fuqua, Vancouver: NCIR was very relevant to us. It seems to me that one of the key takeaways from this conference is the importance of gathering people of like heart (not necessarily method) to get them talking together so there can be this synergy that can take place.  Sometimes methods keep them apart.  This conference on convergence – let’s find people with the same heart for families, or the homeless or whatever, and help those people discover one another.  If their hearts are together, their methods will be more compatible

Carolyn for MAC City/Community Ministries


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