SBC @ Prayer ~ 10 Ideas for January’s Day of Prayer


1.  Make January 30 the culmination of a 40-day Season of Refreshing—Toward a New
Start with New Hearts, from Wednesday, December 22 to Sunday, January 30. An option
is to have a Thirty Day Season—January 1-30.

2.  “Watch Night!”—Begin the New Year with a “Watch Night Prayer Time” (an old-
fashioned custom with a new focus for now!) on New Year’s Eve, Friday, December
31—8:00 PM or so to Midnight. Make it a wholesome family night concluding with
focused prayer for the New Year. Follow the creativity of the Lord.

3.  Prepare for a Solemn Assembly or Sacred Assembly on the night of January 30—a
unique time with a special focus on seeking God, 2 to 4 hours. Take time to prepare for
this night. Begin with Eight Days of Preparation (January 23—30) using, for example,
Claude King’s booklet Consecrate the People ( given to each person
on January 23. That resource is also available as a free download which you can print
for your church—go to Another resource
covering several aspects of Solemn Assemblies is Blow the Trumpet in Zion by Keeney
Dickenson (

4.  Schedule a “Prayer Walk” of the Church facilities—Worship Center (Pews, Music
(Instrumental, Choir, etc.) area, Sound area, Baptistry), Education/Activity areas for
Nursery, Pre-school, Children, Youth, College, Young Adults, Middle Adults, and
Senior Adults. Recreation area (s), Parking lot, Offices.
This could occur on the Saturday before January 30 as part of a Prayer Weekend seeking
God for His fresh working in the church—a New Start in the New Year.
This could be done as a multiple point prayer thrust—pray every Saturday in January (5
Saturdays) as a part of intensified prayer for the intensified needs of our communities and our
nation. January 1—New Year’s Day—is a Saturday. What a day to start! Each Saturday could
focus on a specific emphasis or ministry area.
HOW? Simply gather for prayer and then scatter in two’s and three’s to pray throughout
the church property (see Prayer in Motion—
PRAY for WHAT? Have each age group and each ministry area compile the top three
prayer burdens for that area and put it into a simple “Our Prayer Requests Guide.”

5.  Expand the Prayer Walk to include the neighborhoods around the church or even the
whole community. Help the community have “A Fresh Start in Prayer.”

6.  “Five Sacred Saturday Nights”—Have Five Saturday Nights of Prayer focusing on
different ministries. One possibility is to have a special gathering (perhaps a rally plus
prayer) of different age groups on each different Saturday—Youth, Children, Adults,
etc.—or different ministry focuses for each Saturday night.

7.  Five Sundays Praying for Five Friends—Focus attention on praying for Five Friends
(especially lost friends or family, but also believers in need of prayer). Focus on how
people in Scripture helped one another, showed love, prayed for one another, pointed
people to the Lord for His answers and His salvation. There are over 70 “one another”
commands in Scripture. Consider a sermon series on “Helping One Another Have a
Fresh Start.”

8.  Select a particular need (a nation, an unreached people group, an area of your
community, a special burden of your church) as the Target Prayer Focus for this Special

9.  Combine some or all of these according to the burden the Holy Spirit gives you.
Follow His leading. Trust Him in His creative ways with who you are, where you are.
For further resources see or

10.  Attention!!!—Adjust!!! Be ready to adjust your ministry, even your budget to get in
line with what God reveals during this Season of Special Prayer. Join God where He is

Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Department, Florida Baptist Convention

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