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UK: Prayer Spaces in schools help children connect with God

Prayer movement 24-7prayer regularly hosts so-called Prayer Spaces in schools across the British Isles to help children connect with God and deal with pastoral issues. Coordinator Phil Togwell reports:

“I still haven't got used to the impact that these simple, sacred, reflective, prayer spaces have. They're just re-arranged classrooms, pleasantly lit, filled with creative 'stuff', mostly post-it notes, torn up cardboard and a few instructions/invitations to participate. I think the participation is the thing that amazes and puzzles me most. When a class of mischievous teens who have been mostly muttering and giggling throughout our pre-amble presentation then goes and engages fully with the prayer stations, it always amazes me. This week at Frances Bardsley School for Girls was no exception.

We had students coming in to talk and pray about hopes and fears and faith and exams. Like A, who came back day after day, mainly to talk with one of our team, Emma. At the end of the week she told Emma that for the first time, she'd woken up feeling that she could be herself, that she didn't have to pretend. She attributed this entirely to her experiences in the Prayer Space, and she asked if she could visit Emma's church that Sunday (which she did). And like C, who sat for a long time at the Forgiveness Zone, with tears in her eyes. 'It's taken me three years to let go of that hurt,' she whispered to me.”

More about Prayer Spaces in schools:

Source: Phil Togwell


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