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As you know, my heart is for God to send His Holy Spirit upon the earth and change it for the glory of Christ. My life verse is Habakkuk 2:14: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”


It’s what I pray for, preach about, and long for – that we will soon see this glorious spiritual awakening.Praybook FB logo


I want you to know about a new prayer movement that is rising up, and may very well be launched to the ends of the earth. Praybook is a new Facebook application that is right now mobilizing thousands of people to pray for thousands of friends. Its tagline, Lifting up the world…one friend at a time,” is becoming a reality even now.


I call this a “grand conspiracy.” It is taking the enormous power of social networking through Facebook, and linking it with the supernatural power of prayer! This could be one of the most important breakthroughs for filling up the nations in prayer. In just a very short period of time, there could be millions around the earth praying for the fulfillment of the glory of Christ.


How Praybook Works

Praybook logoPraybook is a simple and systematic way to organize your Facebook friends into a daily prayer list. You may choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly rotation. I have selected to pray for eight friends each day. I can then send them a personal notification that I’ve prayed for them. In addition, Praybook keeps a cumulative total of those I’ve prayed for, as well as the increasing thousands who are being prayed for throughout the Praybook family.


Many have commented on how Praybook has re-energized their prayer lives. And responses are coming back with great appreciation for prayer on behalf of believers and non-believers alike. I believe this is a grand conspiracy for the Kingdom of God! Check and join me.


Also, a New Prayer Magazine!

During the same week that Praybook was launched, God also orchestrated the unveiling

Prayer Connect magazineof a new national prayer magazine called PRAYERCONNECT. Endorsed by America’s National Prayer Committee and other international prayer ministries, this new magazine’s tagline is, “Connecting to the Heart of Christ through Prayer.”


The premiere issue is a call to prayer for our nation. These are desperate times, but as I write in an article in the magazine, we’ve been here before. Our nation has faced perilous times in the past, and the prayers of God’s people have proven to be the key to some of its most glorious moments!


Spiritual awakening has visited us before in dire times, and the Lord can do it again! I encourage you to get a copy of PRAYERCONNECT, as well as check out its new accompanying website:


Bob Bakke

These are days when God is is stirring His people to greater prayer. It is all for the glory of Christ!


Bob Bakke,

Director of Global Day of Prayer MN

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