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Will Your Church Participate
in Bless Our Schools on September 18?

Last year, on the first Bless Our Schools Sunday, nearly 700 churches around the globe cried out to the Lord for children and schools. Teachers were encouraged. Children were blessed.

Some schools had been in session for several weeks, others were just  getting into the swing of the new semester. Yet, for each church that participated, there was a special bond knowing that other congregations were pouring out prayer blessings on schools.

One mom shared, “It was just a great opportunity to show our students  and school staffs that they are important to us as a church and to God,  and that we wanted to pray for them specifically.” (View other testimonies.)

This year, we are praying that God doubles the number of participating  churches from 700 to 1,400. Will you join with us in this prayer?

Have you talked with your pastor about Bless Our Schools Sunday? Click here for a letter to share with your pastor.

Pastors have the freedom to celebrate Bless Our Schools in a way that best fits the congregation. We welcome participation in Saturday services as well!

Bless Our Schools is a great time for MITI moms to invite others to their Moms In Touch groups. The picture above shows a MITI table set up on Bless Our Schools Sunday last year.

We have lots of resources available to help you get the word out about  your MITI group AND about Bless Our Schools.

BLESS OUR SCHOOLS ONLINE RESOURCESLarge PosterSmall PosterColor FlyerB&W flyer35-second radio Public Service AnnouncementLetter to Pastor.

We also have a beautiful Back-to-School Prayer, which announces Bless Our Schools Sunday, that you can print and share with moms when their children start going back to school.

Some have requested that we sell a Bless Our Schools resource to minimize printing costs. We have a special Bless Our Schools Bookmark with prayer prompts to encourage congregations to pray on September 18—and to remind them to pray throughout the year.

MOMS IN TOUCH RESOURCES: To help you set up a table like the one above, we’ve created a special Bless Our Schools Package. To find out how to purchase a horizontal hanging banner or the tri-fold graphic, like the one in the photo, click here.

We also have lots of ways to get the word out about your group! Check  out our Get the Word Out and Flyers pages, with a variety of choices of Fall and Back-to-School Invitations, including a Generic Flyer.

A great item to have at your MITI table on Bless Our Schools Sunday is  our Follow-up Card so you can help interested women get in touch with a Moms In Touch group. Completed cards can be given to your Area Coordinator, State Coordinator, Regional Director, Country Coordinator  or mailed to MITI Headquarters at P.O. Box 1120 Poway, CA 92074-1120, USA.

For more information on getting the word out about MITI on Bless Our Schools Sunday, click here.

It was a wonderful and special day as all staff, teachers, students, along with any other school district employees stood to get prayed for by our church. We set up a Moms In Touch table after the service, and I believe through this event, many hearts were touched and encouraged to pray for their children!”

—From our Bless Our Schools Testimonies

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