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  • If you missed the 6:4 Fellowship’s National Conference
  • Shawn Lovejoy: Why I Resigned (And You Should Too)
  • A Plea Prompted by “Low-Quality Public Prayers”
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Impacting Cities & Communities thru Prayer
Do We REALLY Pray in Our Churches?

It Seems to Me …

It Seems To Me . . . . . . Highway 501 is my unappreciated friend. Our youngest daughter and her husband moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a bunch of years ago and settled in the Carolina Forest area–a huge section of dozens of new developments and golf courses. City fathers …

Embracing Brokenness
The Marks of a Thriving Pastor: Embracing our Brokenness by Wade Brown  We believe you want to thrive as a pastor, and our desire is to help you do so. In fact, we believe so strongly in this that we’re changing our name from Pastoral Ministries to Thriving Pastor! In the months ahead, …

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