Phil’s Article in Church Executive on the Launching of Promiseland at Willow Creek Theater


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Back to the future: Kids learning in community

Posted by adminFEATURE STORIESThursday, March 1st, 2012

By Phil Miglioratti

One of the originators of Willow Creek Church’s Promiseland shares the intentions and values of that early program.

Standing in the middle of a movie theater lobby is usually no big deal (and certainly not a spiritual moment), unless it is the first Sunday morning of Promiseland, a new ministry to children in the early days of Willow Creek Community Church. Launching a ministry to kids in an out-of-the-box, rapidly-growing, already-influential congregation was a big deal; even bigger than I realized at the time, Willow Creek church in South Barrington, IL, about to surpass the 2,000 milestone in its third year, presented a brand new approach to “church” with fresh thinking from top to bottom – except when it came to children.

Birthed out of the innovative Son City youth ministry that reached 1,300 students weekly, the Willow Creek experience applied those ground-breaking principles and practices to non-churched adults.

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