The Wisdom of a Beatle


Shortly before his death, ex-Beatle George Harrison was asked about his spiritual journey. The question was apt since it was Harrison who introduced the Beatles to Eastern religion in the 60s and (after the group broke up) wrote the song “My Sweet Lord” (a hymn of praise to the Hindu deity Krishna). To the end of his life, Harrison continued to investigate spiritual matters. He summed up his priorities this way: “Everything elsein life can wait, but the search for God cannot wait.”

If you don’t find God, you have missed the very reason for your own existence. If you miss out on knowing God, you have missed the central reality of the universe. Compared to knowing the One who made you, everything else is just crumbs and nibbling around the edges. My hope is that each day, especially at Christmas, we will look for Jesus. And better yet, we will find him.

Rick Ezell

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