P is for Plant. P is for Pray!


plantMIDWEST is a network of regional quarterly gatherings meeting across the Midwest to help church planters, potential planters and existing church pastors learn, pray and connect.  We identify with the biblical and historical principles of partnership and cooperation, which helped to build the Southern Baptist Convention.  Our aim is nothing more and nothing less than to advance the gospel to every urban, suburban, and small town community across the Midwest. We intend to do this by catalyzing a movement of Spirit filled, biblically qualified, contextually capable men who plant Baptistic churches, all for the glory of God.
plantMIDWEST is a gathering for ALL pastors, church leaders, church planters and associational/state staff who have a call and passion to see the Gospel penetrate the region through church planting. PASS THE WORD!
What is the Goal?


The goal is to partner with local and national Southern Baptist leaders to equip and resource God called missionaries and church planters; to see a rapid multiplication of church plants fueled by the Holy Spirit and God’s never changing Gospel in an ever changing culture.

P.L.A.N.T. Gathering?


P – Pray
At all PLANT events we will pray, work to call upon our leaders to pray for our current plants and to pray for more “workers for the harvest.”  How can you expect to see a God movement and not pray?
L – Learn
At PLANT events we will work to have quality preachers/speakers to teach our men, in order that we ALL and at ALL TIMES might be learners graced with a bold yet humble spirit.
A – Affirm
We affirm that we are Baptists and hold to the BFM, while strongly rejecting any notion of dividing over debatable issues.
N – Networking
We want leaders who desire to be part of a multi-ethnic movement and to have the opportunity to connect with old and new friends involved in the work.
T – Timeless
As a network we are committed to better knowing and proclaiming a timeless gospel which exalts JESUS our Savior and lifts high His cross.
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