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CALL TO PRAYER: Romans 1 & a nation’s tipping point
Roger S. Oldham of the SBC Executive Committee reflects on a key passage of Scripture, Romans 1, and whether it reflects the decline of America’s values.
CALL TO PRAYER: Effectual fervent prayer ‘the key to God-seeking revival’
Columnist Gregory Frizell says Christians must not let busy schedules convince them they cannot pray effectively or fervently.
CALL TO PRAYER: The power of focused prayer
Roger S. “Sing” Oldham of the SBC Executive Committee writes about the New Testament passage that notes the power an “urgent request of a righteous person” (James 5:16-17).
CALL TO PRAYER: Our relationships
Because relationships are where we spend so much of our lives — where great joys abound, but also, where hurt and heartbreak often fester — it’s good to regularly pray for an ongoing transformation of our hearts toward greater love for others.
CALL TO PRAYER: Kingdom prayer perspectives from John 17
Columnist J. Chris Schofield urges Christians to model Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and to pray with a God-centered, Kingdom focus.
CALL TO PRAYER: Praying for our seminaries
Columnist Frank S. Page asks Southern Baptists to pray for the six SBC seminaries, which have about 16,000 total students.
CALL TO PRAYER: Developing a yearly rhythm for church prayer
Columnist Phil Miglioratti recounts how a church he once pastored began a journey “that took us into realms of prayer we had never imagined.”
CALL TO PRAYER: Praying 50 days for a spiritual harvest
Columnist Claude King tells how praying for 50 days between Easter and Pentecost led to a great spiritual harvest for one church.
CALL TO PRAYER: 7 days of focus on marriage & the U.S. Supreme Court


(BP) — On Tuesday and Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. Few issues rise to this level of importance.

CALL TO PRAYER: Praying for the weather
As farmers prepare for the spring planting season, Rick Shepherd, prayer and spiritual awakening team leader for the Florida Baptist Convention, asks: Should we pray about the weather?
CALL TO PRAYER: Praying in full surrender
A medieval ceremony involving a king and his subjects was the model for our modern prayer posture, and it can help us learn how Christians should relate to Christ, says columnist Claude King.
CALL TO PRAYER: Prop 8, DOMA at High Court

NASHVILLE (BP) — Christians need to intensify their prayers for the Supreme Court in the countdown days to its deliberations on same-sex marriage later this month, according to Frank S. Page, president of the SBC Executive Committee.

CALL TO PRAYER: Fresh winds of prayer stirring the nation
A renewed passion for God in prayer is sweeping across the Christian landscape, says columnist Roger S. Oldham.
CALL TO PRAYER: How to pray in a ‘second’ language
To speak a ‘second’ language, you don’t need Rosetta Stone. Everyone has an opportunity to think and speak in God’s language — Scripture, the foundational language of the universe.
CALL TO PRAYER: Praying for collegians
If we are praying for a revival in America, then we should beg God for the hearts and lives of college students, says collegiate minister Jeff Jones.
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