Special Discount Offer to Prayer Leaders

Dear Phil,

I’m writing to make you aware of special pricing on my Spiritual Warfare discipleship study course/workbook produced by LifeWay.  This workbook was well received selling over 100,000 copies and was also translated into Spanish.  The supporting DVD resource kit received a TeleAward (these national awards are given to exceptional video works which are not movies or TV).  In short, the book was quality work.


After 12 years the book is going out of print.  I worked out a deal with LifeWay to purchase the remaining stock at a discounted price, and I am offering them at reduced prices to you.  If you are interested in this subject you will find this work to personally beneficial.  If your church is looking to do discipleship studies in the future, it is specifically designed for small group study.  Below is the pricing in case you want to purchase them.  I have a limited quantity and when that runs out, I will have no more to sell (currently I do not have reprint rights from LifeWay). Below are the suggested donations prices.  If you can’t afford that I will be happy to send them to you for any donation amount.



1 copy                                                   $14 +free shipping

2-9 copies                                            $13 each + free shipping

10-19 copies                                       $12 each + free shipping

20-49 copies                                       $10 each + free shipping

50+ copies                                           $10 each + free shipping + free DVD kit while supplies last (kit retailed for $129.99)

DVD kit                                                 $100 + free shipping

DVD kit with 10 – 19 copies          $75 kit + $12 each copy + free shipping

DVD kit with 20 – 49 copies          $50 kit + $10 each copy + free shipping




If you would like to place an order, please respond to this email with the quantity desired.



Please make checks payable to:

John Franklin Ministries

270 Wildcat Lane

Russellville, KY  42276



In Christ,



John Franklin


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