Love! Elgin

Prayer requests from the leadership:

1. Love Elgin Day Benefit Concert on Sunday, March 2nd, 5:30pm at FUMC, desire is to ‘pack main and balcony’ and raise financial support to cover both LED5 and LED6 for this year. Here’s the flyer to pass out, pray over, etc.

2. Need someone to oversee and coordinate the Professional/Medical Services. Linda Summerville is working and just is overwhelmed and need to take a pass on this part of leadership. Pray for the right person to fire up this area.
3. The City, Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, Area businesses and as many churches as possible would be praying and supporting, partnering together to touch our City with the love of God.
4. That you and the prayer intercessors would connect with as many “prayer intercessors” in as many churches as possible, to come together and know that the body is uniting, prayed for and encouraged as we unite.
5. Schools would respond with giving their clothes, shoes and non-perishable food items- big-time.
6. Our LED coordinators would work together, value each other and step up and lead their area with integrity and love.

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