Reimagine Everyday Evangelism


Rev. Phil Miglioratti is the National Facilitator of Cities/Communities for the Mission America Coalition. He also serves as coordinator of the Everyday Evangelism track for Amplify 2017.
And the Lord added to their number …
What was behind the amazing growth of the Church in the Book of Acts? How did the Early Church grow-and grow so rapidly and with such diversity?
The 21st-century Body of Christ is exploding with evangelism-related resources. Christ-followers across the globe have immediate, at-your-finger-tips access to websites with seemingly unlimited links to articles and interviews, podcasts and video channels, even strategies for citywide collaboration.
Conferences, consultations, and cohort groups abound. Even as the Church declines in attendance it appears to be losing its upcoming generations and is now considered irrelevant, even dangerous, by our culture.
Like so many words we’ve lifted from the biblical text, “evangelism” has become more theoretical or methodological than personal and relational. When most think of evangelism, what comes to mind is an event or gathering we invite lost persons to attend so they can listen to someone else explain the gospel to them.

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