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Prayer-Care-Share, Love-Your-Neighbor, Lifestyle



LOVE2020 • Love is a verb. Get moving …Get your gear here. • ½ dozen playlists help you mobilize Jesus followers • ReTweet these to capture attention, cast vision • Follow us, so others will follow you . . . • Real life in real time. Mobilize your friends • How they do it in Jacksonville • The Windy City

PRAYER • Praying for the community, in the community, with the community

Pray.Network • Your free platform for commentary, conversation, groups, events, videos • You &your church praying for neighbors and neighborhoods

CARE • Caring … Serving … Compassion • Christian Community Development • Churches across Communities• Calling God’s people to reach every home in their community

SHARE • 100s of videos. People; some famous. Some broken. Life’s big questions • Citywide social media blitz reaching young adults • How to share your faith through spiritual conversations • Where conversation abut faith flourish • A premier equipping event for 21st century evangelism

CONGREGATIONS/CITIES/COLLABORATIONS • Congregations collaborate citywide • Thought leaders-Best practices-City reports & roundtables • Collaborations & strategy for the well-being of the city

   • Gospel-Centered; Church-Driven; Disciple-Led; City-Focused

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