Interview: Become Incarnational in Your Neighborhods

Phil ~ Tell us 3-4 things about your ministry life that will help us understand your passion to author this book.

Lynn ~ My ministry life, as you term it, began well over forty years ago, when I was called to serve as the college pastor of a rapidly growing church in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. And even though our ministry enjoyed every conceivable success from a worldly standpoint, I couldn’t help but feel that something was lacking or not quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem, so I began to read every book took a simple job in a warehouse. My hunger to find what was lacking in my former experience led me to start a church in our home. There was something in that experience that seemed right . . . more in line with what I believed the New Testament to be saying. We grew steadily, eventually exceeding 60 adults and 25 children, but with a fulltime job, a wife and three young children, I just couldn’t meet all the demands. After four years leading the house church, our family became involved with the local Vineyard. The experience was more informal and fit well for our family. After a time, I joined the pastoral team, but something began to stir in me again . . . something that said the Lord has more in mind for His people. I wish I could be like everyone else and just go with the flow of church today, but the Lord has written evangelism into my DNA and a need to be in community with those outside the Church. The Incarnational Church conveys what I believe is necessary for the Church to be in step with what the Lord desires for His people in this particular season of history.


Phil ~ How does your new book differ from your previous book, “Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God?”

LynnNeighborhood Initiative focused primarily on the individual believer and how one can live incarnationally in one’s own neighborhood. It gives helpful tools and stories to show how those in the Church can begin to connect with their actual neighbors and how believers can join with the Father in what He doing in the lives of those who surround us. In this new book, however, the focus is on the Whole Church in every city becoming collectively incarnational. By that I mean . . . the corporate body of Christ working together as one to replicate the life and ministry of Jesus in the cities and neighborhoods where He has placed us. While the first book was written with every believer in mind, The Incarnational Church is a sequel aimed more at pastors and leaders.

Phil ~ What does the subtitle, “Catching Jesus’ Radical Approach for Advancing His Kingdom” tell us about your perspective of the incarnational life?

Lynn ~ The American church, for the most part, utilizes an operating system known as the attractional model. Very succinctly, I characterize the attractional church model in this way. READ COMPLETE INTERVIEW

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  1. An important interview. In the 1070s when I became a Christian I read the Gospel Blimp by Joseph Bailey. A satire espousing exactly the same message. Our problem is we use the plans of men not Gods mighty weapons as Paul teaches us, to bring down the devils hold on our neighbours. Blessings from Adelaide Australia. Geoff.

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