“Get Out of the Box!”

Last fall, a few pastors in Orlando, Florida caught a vision for sending their members into their neighborhoods with the love of Jesus. A few churches quickly became many. One city’s vision expanded to towns and cities across their state. And even jumped the oceans.

This fall, a team has been assembled to invite 40 cities across the United States to participate … and since Chicago is “my kind of town,” I am inviting my Windy City colleagues and friends.

This is a “no excuse” opportunity.

•Zero cost

•NO additional planning or programming needed

•Your members, most of them, have been trained/equipped/preparing for years, and            this is just the gentle nudge you need to get them out of their comfortable seats to      sharing Christ’s love in the streets

40 Days Of Love is simpleturn-key ready for: 


Children.     Families.      Youth.           Young           …and Old

Everyone can join in prayer for lost friends and coworkers,

Be eyes-open for care-portunities, and

Say a simple word for Jesus when appropriate


40 every-days. Long enough to develop a habit that becomes a lifestyle

(Discipleship meets Evangelism)


Home.           School.          Work.            Play.              Shopping.

Showing and Telling the Love of Jesus.

Every person. Every Place.


Invite your members to join you on this 40-day journey.

  1. Pray for God’s direction (if the Lord says no to this evangelism emphasis, you’re off the hook)
  2. Sign-up here to be listed with other Great Commission/Great Commandment congregations across our city and nation
  3. Review the free equipping and promotional resources >>>
  4. Check the suggested calendar but set dates that are best for your ministry
  5. Invite everyone, every class, every group and every ministry to begin praying
  6. Invite a few colleagues to investigate 40DaysOfLove.net for their ministry
  7. Contact me with questions/ideas: phil@missionamerica.org


“Not enough time!”

Your people are ready.

40 Days of Love is simply a description of our daily lifestyle. Nothing new here.

Give simple, clear, instructions.

Take time every Sunday for people to share how the Lord is leading them.




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