The love that empowers us to love neighbors is . . .


The central question of this book is: “What does it mean to believe that God is love and, more particularly, what does it mean for the church of Jesus Christ to live this love?” Over the years I have discovered my lifelong passion—promoting the unity of the whole church in the mission of Christ by rooting all that we do in the triune love of God in Jesus Christ. Today I believe that this growing movement of unity among Christians will have a major impact on our world as this century unfolds.
Extravagant love is the phrase that perfectly describes what I now desire for my life and for the church of Jesus Christ. But this extravagant love is costly. It was won at the great price of Christ’s sacrifice; thus, its value is beyond words.
From the Introduction by John Armstrong

Note: John wrote this book, partly as a response to a question posed at the 2012 Mission America Coalition Leadership Consultation. Paul Cedar was casting a vision for what is now the movement ~ a vision that every person in America will be loved authentically by at least one Jesus follower by year end 2020 ~ and asked everyone present to identify how they would contribute. John replied that he was about to author a book that would be a clear and compelling case for Jesus followers to adopt a radical, extravagant lifestyle of love. This is that book.

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