Design Your Congregation’s UP-Reach/OUT-Reach Culture

Design Your Own UP-Reach/OUT-Reach Culture
…because, as a national leader recently exclaimed:

“We stink at evangelism!”
Build an UP-reach~OUT-reach Culture in:
* Your Congregation                                        * Your Association
* Your Sunday Classes & Bible Studies          * Your Teams & Committees
* Your Children & Youth + Women & Men         * Your Fellowship Groups
With a rhythm of
(penetrating lostness)
(celebrating God’s victories)
Sermons? Sure. But, more than sermons . . .
  • How about a learn-to-pray-as-you-pray prayer guide?
  • How about loving others in ways that open Gospel Conversations?
  • How about an easy way to invite neighbors to a non-threatening group?


Involve every person in coordinated praying for family-friends-coworkers
…that attacks the spiritual lostness in our culture
FIRST . . .
January is SBC “CALL to PRAY” month * Schedule corporate prayer
THEN . . .
Challenge your people to pray towards Resurrection Sunday (Easter)
ALSO . . .√ into
A “one-size-fits-all-programs” lifestyle challenge to:
Daily PRAYER >>>
Acts of KINDNESS >>>
    • Use as a follow-up to Easter contacts
    • Employ during the summer months
    • Join with churches across the world in the Fall of 2018
    • EXPLORE GOD mobilizes Gospel Conversations
Why not love-loud in each season?
       … and don’t forget to schedule celebrations!

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