Jesus Summer ~ How they do it in KC


Karen hosted and led our tutor training
We hosted our fifth summer mission – “In the City for the City” – from May 27-June 20. Students, young professionals and Cru staff mobilized for evangelism, discipleship training and community engagement.
  • 21 days
  • 26 engaged disciples of Jesus in training
  • 140 spiritual & gospel conversations
  • 150 people heard the gospel at SOTS
  • 3 new professing believers
  • 25 follow-up conversations
  • 814 community-engagement hours served

  • I have become bold in sharing. I feel motivated more than ever to make a difference.
  • The greatest impact for me is knowing how to live out my faith. It was awesome being poured into.
  • I have learned a lot about church and what it means to be a biblical believer, and I now have a greater desire to change current “Christian” culture to encourage missional living.
  • I really learned how to be bold and share my faith across cultural and generational differences. I am so excited to go back to college and use what I’ve learned to make a change in the community. I want race and poverty to burden my church, and I will fight for my voice to be heard.
  • The Lord is asking me to grow in my relationship with Him, and to share the Gospel with others who do and don’t believe in Christ.


Story of the Soul is an interactive, coffeehouse experience. Using art, film, music, poetry and literature, we explore stories the soul of mankind has always been telling – about wounds that need healing and longings that want to be satisfied. At each Story of the Soul outreach event we invite people to discuss certain pieces of art and create a relevant space to communicate the gospel.

As part of this summer mission we hosted Story of the Soul to discuss “Can I Change?” After considering various artistic presentations, the gospel was shared. 150 people came and 100 filled out a comment card. Three people indicated a decision for Christ!

Here are some of the comments:

  • One wrote, “This changed my life.” (she put her faith in Christ that day)
  • Another who received Christ said, “This was power-changing and moving. Would love to do it again! I was not expecting it to be like this. Thank you!” 
  • Another said, “This was a thought provoking way of talking about how we think about what is important and who we are as people. Thank you!”

We hosted our annual event called “Voices Unsilenced” on June 6. Various speakers came and shared their burden, and how the power of the gospel brings healing and redemption into the broken places of life.  Jesus came to comfort the afflicted, proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom and make evil things die. Our speakers demonstrated this ministry of Jesus in living color!

  • Kristy shared her story. She was trafficked and later rescued and saved from that horrible enslavement. She is the founder of Veronica’s Voice, an anti-human-trafficking organization aiming to dismantle the commercial sex industry.  She shared the staggering reality that the average age of girls forced into prostitution in the U.S. is 13! 20% of men are “buyers” of these victimized girls.
  • Travis spoke about how internet pornography overtook his life and family, and how God redeemed him and restored his marriage.
  • Jon shared about following Jesus in the workplace. He challenged the students saying, “Until you fear God more than man, you won’t make great decisions.”
  • Pastor Greg shared how racial division can be healed and what gives him hope.

All these stories came as the presenters thought about these questions: “What makes you weep, pray and pound the table? What gives you hope – how do you see God working? Why should university graduates engage in a great church and a collaborative, gospel city movement when they graduate?”

Voices Unsilenced provides vision and opportunity for students to immerse themselves into life-changing ministries in their city as they learn to share the gospel.

Thank you so much for your friendship, prayers and generosity!
Dave & Karen

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