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A Compelling Reason to Join the Explore God Outreach Initiative

As a former pastor now working with Explore God Chicago, I am pleased to report that over 550 churches and organizations are already participating in the Explore God initiative that will launch this January, and new churches are joining every day. If you are still undecided about your involvement, please hear me out.


First, it’s not too late to join, even if you’ve lined up your sermon series for January and beyond. One of the significant ways to participate is to open one or more Explore God discussion groups to be hosted by your people. It’s a great way to begin spiritual conversations with others.

Tim Hawks, the lead pastor of the Explore God initiative a few years ago in Austin, Texas, said they estimate that over 3,000 people came to faith in Christ over the seven weeks of the initiative there. Most of those occurred in small Explore God discussion groups.

We recorded a webinar Tim hosted for us last week. It was phenomenal in terms of helping the local church pastor understand how to best prepare for Explore God. The core of that strategy was small groups. Check out Tim’s webinar below. It will be well-worth your time to view it.

Lastly, Explore God is a win-win for your church because all the advertisement is free, and it will roll out in earnest next month. It will include 70 billboards, hundreds of radio spots on Chicago’s most popular, secular stations, the Metra and bus lines plastered with posters, and banners in front of participating churches. All this will create a buzz that can benefit your church. You just need to join!

Consider this opportunity for your church, and for the Kingdom of God. You can jump on board by easily signing on at www.exploregod.com. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Ron Mangin
Explore God Chicago

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