NEW “Quote/Unquote” Interview ~ Are We In An Unprecedented Epoch of Change? And, What If We Don’t?

The “Quote/Unquote” Interview
A Conversation with Doug Small
Author of “The New Apostolic Epoch:
God’s Determination to Have a Praying and Missional People
[from where these quotes originate]

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One thought on “NEW “Quote/Unquote” Interview ~ Are We In An Unprecedented Epoch of Change? And, What If We Don’t?”

  1. Reply by Richard H. Skiba, Jr. on March 24, 2019 at 3:03pm
    This interview is an affirmation for me.
    I have agreed, for quite some time now, with a lot that Doug said in this interview: church-centric tradition/activities being meaningless to millennials; church (sometimes even the building) being put before (or even in place of) the Lord; tepid, hour-on-Sunday Christianity; acqusitional prayer that should be used only for requesting Assignments; serving beyond Sunday, a personal relationship with God through eyes open, look around, attentive prayer, etc.
    As America has been declining, I have had a sense of God Standing-by, Ready to Help. But, our culture, especially sophisticated urban culture, thinks it can handle things by itself:
    Urban society,
    Which touts its urbanity,
    Trusts more in humanity
    Than it does in Divinity;
    It bids the Almighty
    To leave the vicinity.
    I pray that the Universal Church, in thinking outside of the “bricks and mortar” box, will consider if one of God’s new Ways to Reach us is through our human logic. Once I got this through my thick head, His Path to my heart opened.
    Heaven is Perfect. We are not. Like a sports team that has lost even one game, we cannot make our own “record” perfect. Christ is the only one, who on appeal, provides us with an unblemished life. Show me another religion, faith or belief system that does that. Christ is the Logical Choice. That is in His Army’s Arsenal as well.
    I agree that God’s new Mode could free His Glory from the box of bricks and mortar. But, that would Loose His Glory into society and culture–once again.

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