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The “Quote/Unquote” Interview
The “Quote/Unquote” Interview

Phil Miglioratti queries Rick Richardson on
•New Research •Strategic Analysis •Best Practices
In his just released book . . .

PHIL Miglioratti; Discipleship.Network~
Please unpack for us…

RICK Richardson; Billy Graham Center~   
…the role of research in shaping ministry strategy 
Research tells us what’s going on with people, churches, and society. Research needs to be used with discernment and prayer, but it can give us insight into best practices. It can help us understand people’s lives better. It can give us insights into communication and culture, and what connects for people. It can inform us regarding the demographics of neighborhoods we want to reach, it can highlight the dynamics of what is working in leadership in particular contexts, etc. Research can give us a whole wealth of information, and insight, and ministry help as we consider or pursue our calling. However, it can’t tell us the full answer because that needs to come from God, from understanding our own capacities and capabilities and history, and from understanding the people around us. But research can do a lot to give us the background and the insight and the best practices of others so we can make good decisions and pursue good directions.…how the component of your field-testing applies to a congregation that has not participated in and is very different from those in the test-group ___

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