Introducing The #ReimagineFORUM…

•It Started With A Sabbath-Search
Last year the Lord led me to take an extended sabbath, disconnecting from the teams I served, to recalibrate my ministry focus. During those months, I daily sought the Spirit’s guidance by asking-seeking-knocking for the mind of Christ.
The introduction of The #ReimagineFORUM… is a result of that search.

•The Spirit Burst Romans 12:2 Into My Mind And Heart
The voice of the Lord came to me many times through Romans 12:2: Be transformed by the renewing of you mind.
First, for my life and family. Then also for this ministry.
A fresh calling to “engage and equip leaders across the global Church to reimagine their perspective on ministry: prayer, making-disciples, the Church in the 21st century, evangelism, justice, citywide collaboration.”

•And Then A New Laser-Focus on #Reimagine
Renewing of our minds is a call to reimagine (assess: review-rethink-recalibrate)

•Next Came An Audacious “What If…”
What if, in the next 5 years, God used our networks to invite and involve 10,000 Christ-loving, Church-serving people (think women & men, young and old; red-yellow-black-brown-white) to begin a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed journey of reimagining how to equip the Church in making disciples who know how to pray, who share their faith in compelling ways, seek justice, build authentic community in the congregation and across cities…?

Because we live in extraordinary times. Cultural is careening with perturbation and change. Rapidly accelerating toward radical change.
The Church MUST change. Never the Gospel. The containers each generation fashions to carry those good news seeds.
The #ReimagineFORUM will become a repository of content to jump start journeys the Lord will use to transform disciple-making, build prayer champions, revitalize evangelism, trumpet loudly the cause of justice, create dynamic collaborations in communities and cities.

•Now What?
That depends on you; passive or participant.
You can benefit passively by watching for future postings or searching our growing archive. Or…
You can participate. As a thought leader who provides biblically based content for the many persons who will one day visit and interact with our site. As one who “equips the saints for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12) by connecting them to our site-features-content.

Look-up! Link-up!

Phil Miglioratti
The #ReimagineFORUM @ Pray.Network
The #ReimagineFORUM @ Discipleship.Network

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