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CHAT with Linda Evans Shepherd

Author of
How did researching/writing this book challenge you to
reimagine/rethink prayer?
LINDA EVANS SHEPHERD>>> The first thing I did was a Bible-study on every emotion I could imagine. It was amazing to see what the Word had to say about how much God wants to help us through our emotional challenges. My study led me to discover that when we learn how to yield our emotions to God, we can break free from being a slave to the cares of this world.

CHAT withTim Morey

Author of
Nine Questions for the Spiritually Formed Pastor
Tim, the title makes it clear you are writing with church planters
in mind, but the Table of Contents looks like
a workshop outline that could fit any leader….
TIM MOREY>>> I hope that’s true! I am hearing from pastors, lay leaders, academic leaders, and even small business owners that the book is hitting them where they live. I think for any of us seeking to lead in a Christlike way, the need for good spiritual self-care is paramount if we want to make it for the long haul.

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